Thank A Trucker.


In trying times like this, it’s easy to get caught up in fears and concerns. But amid all the stories of people fighting over rolls of toilet paper, it’s essential to take a breath and remember that we still have things to be thankful for. Jameson Logistics is grateful for our partners and for all truck drivers who are risking their personal health to keep products moving to stores, hospitals, and elsewhere. With dine-in restaurants across the country closed down, the unexpected bright side is that many people are coming together to help make sure that truckers get fed. If you search the hashtag on social media #ThankATrucker, you will find many great examples of the country coming together to support and thank truck drivers for all that they do.

Check out some of the examples below; they may inspire you to help the heroes in your community which will make you feel better in the process.

This Chick-Fil-A in New Mexico opened a drive thru made just for big rigs as their way to say, “Thank you”!

A family in Tulare, CA delivered food to truck drivers who kept finding empty shelves in grocery stores.

Graham Trucking in Memphis, TN took lunch to many drivers waiting to unload medical and food supplies at the Distribution Center of America.

During the corona virus epidemic, we will be separated but we will also learn to stick together! Our team is well-equipped to access our systems from anywhere.  Whether it be on the road, from home, remotely, or at the home office. Please do not hesitate to call Jameson Logistics with any requests or challenges that you may have. We will be here for you, always!

Remember to #ThankATrucker.