3 Steps that will have your logistics department thriving.


1. Choose A Supply Chain and Logistics Expert

There has never been a time where your partnership with a 3PL has been more relevant, critical or strategic due to the rising complexities of supply chains.

Today more than 80% of all fortune 500 companies partner with a third-party logistics provider for outsourcing their shipments and supply chain services.

No matter your size, a 3PL will allow you to take advantage of pooled resources allowing smaller companies the same advantages of larger corporations.

Advances in technology have allowed e-commerce to lead in technology-driven supply chains.

An expert 3PL such as Jameson Logistics will have a diverse network of transportation expertise to move your commodities to locations that you currently ship to and will be able to accommodate your future expansion.

2. Use a Full Suite of Logistics Solutions.

Using multiple shipping and logistics services by combining truckload with intermodal and final mile can minimize today’s capacity challenges allowing a better way to meet your customer’s fulfillment expectations.

Jameson Logistics Supply Chain Services utilizes the latest technology and our dedicated customer service team to give you insight into your supply chain and keep your cargo moving.

A 3PL worth their salt will provide a full menu of logistics services that can be tailored into solutions customized for every situation.

3. Choose a 3PL with Technology that Drives Savings and Efficiency

The right technology can provide direct access and reports to help you see a snapshot of your shipping and supply chain processes. This insight will help you plan your resources and business systems to analyze trends, match your shipments with the correct capacity while optimizing your routing capabilities.

For resources and partnerships that can deliver your freight on time, intact, at competitive prices, while keeping you informed every step of the way choose Jameson Logistics.

These three steps will result in increases in freight management efficiency and cost savings. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Bonus Tip:

If you are allowing your vendors to route your inbound materials and billing you for the freight charges, you may be missing out on significant savings. Benefits include better administrative efficiency, less product handling and damage.

By taking control of your inbound logistics you control the show and the purse strings. As a 30 year old 3PL we can provide the resources to analyze your freight spend on inbound shipments.

• Schedule, coordinate and monitor all segments across multiple modes

• Jameson Logistics ensures you consistently meet your delivery dates

• View your personalized transportation tracking information in real time

• Receive customized reports with historical data to identify trends

• Extensive carrier network with unmatched scale and resources

• Cost effective delivery options based on your logistical needs