5 Tips for Working from Home


As a logistics company, we are fortunate to be deemed an essential business. We take seriously our commitment to keep your supply chain moving, and we are grateful to our team of employees who are working hard to make that happen. We are also lucky to have a customer centered and nimble team who are ready to make adjustments whenever necessary.

Logistics doesn’t run on a 9-5 schedule, and that means one of our employees is always on-call, staying close to the phone and computer to provide prompt, reliable service to our customers. That means we *do* have a bit of experience working from home! We recognize it’s a situation that more and more people in a variety of industries are adjusting to these days, so we thought we’d share 5 tips for working at home.

  1. If at all possible, designate a working space. Even if you don’t have an office, it helps to set aside a space that is for work, and work only. This will help keep you organized, decreasing the likelihood that your to-do list will be misplaced in a stack of personal mail on the counter, for example, or that your toddler will run off with a slip of paper you need. It also helps with focus, removing tasks like laundry and dishes from eyesight.
  2. Set work hours. Did you know a recent study showed that people are actually working an average of four more hours each week now that they are working from home instead of the office?! Now, hard work is never a bad thing, but rest and balance are important too! Designate your work hours, when possible, and commit to focused work during that time.
  3. Get dressed! Everyone loves a pajama day now and again. But even if you’re not leaving the house, getting dressed and prepped the way you normally do will help your energy levels and productivity.
  4. Communicate clearly with your housemates. Whether you live with your spouse and children, roommates, or some other combination, it’s important to communicate what you need and expect. Let them know when you’re available for conversation or help with tasks around the house, and give them notice when a meeting, busy day, or important deadlines will require your total concentration.
  5. Take movement breaks. Try not to stay seated in front of your computer all day long! Take a walk around the block when a meeting is over, have a quick dance party with your kids, or start your lunch break with a 10-minute yoga practice.

There you have it.

Wherever you are working from these days, we hope you are staying well!