Honored To Give

Honored To Give

Ronald McDonald House

In 2008 Bryan and Penny’s daughter Lindsey needed major back surgery. Lindsey was admitted to All Children’s Hospital is St. Petersburg, FL. Bryan and Penny were accommodated by Ronald McDonald House Charities with grace, care and love. It would have been extremely difficult to not have the local support of this organization. To this day Bryan and Penny annually support RMHC by adopting a room in one of their houses.

Helping a sick child fight their illness takes a big enough emotional toll on a family. Adding a financial strain can make it all almost too much to bear. RMHC can help address those problems, whether they involve housing that’s near a hospitalized child, the expense of staying together in another city, or even getting basic medical and dental care in a vulnerable community.

RMHC has local Chapters in more than 64 countries and regions with:

  • 365 Ronald McDonald Houses
  • 236 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms
  • 50 Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles
  • Grants to non-profit organizations that also focus on the needs of children
  • Chapters around the world creating country-specific programs

Since 1974, RMHC has helped address these needs every day, with 431,174 volunteers and staff members, through connections with medical communities around the world, partnerships with respected companies and their generous donors. They can’t do it without you.

One Community Now

Penny and Bryan Jameson support One Community Now / Pack-A-Sack by providing weekend meals for children in need in our local community.

One Community Now / Pack-A-Sack Food 4 Kids, is a kid-friendly school-based program designed to help address the problem of chronic hunger among school age children. They focus on recruiting local churches, businesses and organizations to adopt their local school and provide food for teacher-identified chronically hungry children over the weekend and extended breaks.

In 2017, 38,000 children were eligible for free and reduced meals in Pasco County Schools. These children receive breakfast and lunch every day they go to school. It is estimated that 15-20% of these children or nearly 7,000 are chronically hungry or food insecure and have little to no food to eat when they are not in school.

One Community Now Pack-A-Sack Food 4 Kids is designed for children who are not able to get sufficient food at home due to family struggles, neglect or other circumstances that prevent them from having regular access to food. Each sack contains 10-12 different food items designed to provide nutrition and calories for chronically hungry school children on weekends. Each sack of food costs approximately $4 -$5 and includes kid-friendly foods that require no preparation. Kids can just “open and eat”.

Shriners Circus

Jameson Logistics supports the Shriners Circus.

The Egypt Shrine Temple here in Tampa has a history of supporting the community. From the production of the Egypt Shrine Circus to the many parades and charity events they hold, these faithful members of the community have shown their support since the early 1900’s. One of the biggest charitable organizations they support is the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.

Florida Sheriffs Association

The day-to-day business of the Florida Sheriffs Association is directed by a strategic plan created and approved by the sheriffs of Florida. The plan contains five major goals:

  • To provide effective and timely support, training and information exchanges for Florida’s sheriffs.
  • To foster effective law enforcement, crime prevention, apprehension of criminals and protection of life and property of the citizens of Florida.
  • To promote public awareness about developments in law enforcement, crime prevention public safety.
  • To protect Florida’s future by promoting public support of programs and services focused on youth of Florida.
  • To effectively manage resources of the Florida Sheriffs Association.

River Ridge Royal Knights Football & Cheer League

  • An Affiliated Organization With The Pasco Athletic League
  • USA 'Heads Up' Football Affiliated and Safety Certified
  • The River Ridge Knights Football and Cheer League is dedicated to keeping our local youth active while providing a structured environment where the ideals of respect and discipline are paramount.
  • Through hard work and dedication these young people are rewarded with a fun experience enriching both mind and body.
  • Ages 5-13 for football, and ages 3-15 for cheer-leading.
  • The RR Knights organization is supported solely by the work of our volunteers, and the generosity of our donors.

Jameson Logistics is proud to sponsor underprivileged athletes within this organization, which has been an asset to our local community for over 15 years.