TerraSmart Customer Spotlight


TerraSmart has been utilizing Jameson Logistics for over 12 years to handle project shipments and more. One of the more recent awards winning TerraSmart projects is Maces Pond, located in Rockport, ME. TerraSmart installed and completed all of the mounting for this project which was developed by BlueWave. The completion of that project won them the Utility-Scale Solar Project of the Year 2021 as voted by the Solar Builder readers.

The project aims not only to deliver clean energy (and energy savings) to the local community as a community solar farm but also to improve the yield of the wild blueberry crop on site as part of the actual farm. “Typically, at the start of a project like this we have to beat the drum and pitch to the property owner,” says Alan Robertson, managing director of solar development for BlueWave.

“The landowner in this case really wanted to see the blueberries remain on site, which we wanted to do anyway. It was helpful because usually it’s a little lumpy convincing the landlord that it’s the way to go because it’s a little more complicated. We’re going to be a tenant but also the landlord, with the farmer as the subtenant. So luckily, he was bought in from the get-go.”

Jameson Logistics is thrilled to partner with TerraSmart. As a company that helps businesses put customers first, it is no surprise that Jameson Logistics has built a reputation for being very customer centric. Jason Sleighter of TerraSmart says “When I think of Jameson Logistics I think of a great experience. I have received nothing but excellent customer service. Truly, the Jameson Logistics Team is committed to providing TerraSmart with the highest customer satisfaction in transportation. I highly recommend Jameson Logistics.”

“This project worked because we spent months coordinating logistics and how we were going to do it prior to getting on the ground,” Campbell says. “Understanding what Paul and the farmers wanted to do on a long-term basis helped us understand what we could do in our design. All three parties went in eyes wide open wanting this to be a successful partnership and project.”


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