Flatbed Trailer Dimensions

A flatbed is the simplest form of an open trailer style. They are also the most common. They are used for a wide variety of commodities, but typically you see them hauling bulk commodities that cannot be loaded inside a standard enclosed van trailer. Steel, lumber, machinery, are just a few of the commodities often associated with hauling on a flatbed trailer.
Flatbed Trailer Dimensions:
This first image here provides the actual dimensions of a typical flatbed trailer. There are a number of factors that might change between flatbeds, but these are dimensions that you can expect most flatbed trailer dimensions to be.
Length – 48′ to 53′
Width – 8’6″
Height – 5′
The second image shows the legal commodity dimensions. Anything larger than the dimensions shown would require permits or escorts if required. These are dimensions that most people discuss when it comes to hauling an item.
Length – 48′
Width – 8’6″
Height – 8’6″
Over Dimensional
If your shipment is bigger than the dimensions discussed in this heavy haul trucking article, call one of Jameson Logistics knowledgeable logistics experts for permitting and escort services if needed. (800) 741-5043