Are your LTL shipments accurate?

There are two main things you will look for in an LTL quote: cost-effectiveness and accuracy.

As an LTL shipper, you’re going to need freight quotes, and if you’re set up with us you can get it done with just a few clicks on our portal. There are around 200 LTL Carriers and no two are exactly alike. Our online self-service portal allows you to compare rates from the best carriers for your shipment and includes transit time details and cargo insurance if desired. This feature allows you to be certain you’re getting the best rate and service for your shipment.

What are the characteristics of a “good” LTL quote?

There are two main things you will look for in an LTL quote: cost-effectiveness and accuracy.

1. It’s cost-effective.

There’s a high probability that both price and service are important to your business, but depending on your company or your customer’s goals, one might take priority over the other. The more quotes you’re able to generate, the better you can select an LTL carrier that fits your needs.

2. It’s accurate.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to LTL shipping and pricing and there are many factors that go into ensuring an accurate quote. The best LTL quotes are ones that reflect your shipping needs so the amount you pay is as close to your quote price as possible. This can be tough but there are many easy ways to save money and still get the service you and your customers need. We are here to point you in the right direction.

Get Your Freight Class Right

When shipping LTL, it’s important that you determine the correct freight class for the item you are shipping. Your freight class plays a major role in the cost of your shipment. There are 18 different freight classes, ranging from 50 to 500. These are established by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). Freight class is determined by several factors such as density, ability to be stored, ease of handling, and liability. Generally, the higher the freight class, the more it will cost to ship. If a carrier picks up your freight and discovers it to be misclassified, they will charge you for the unexpected costs associated with moving it.

If you’re not sure of your freight’s class and/or NFMC code, our team is highly skilled in finding the perfect freight class for the items that you are shipping. Taking the time to classify your freight correctly will help you get through the current capacity crunch and maintain great carrier relationships.

Don’t Leave Out Any Details. While freight class might be the biggest detail to get right, there are many others that need to be accounted for to make sure you get a good quote.


There’s no real way to avoid paying for services you actually need to successfully transport your freight. However, the more precise you can be upfront about your needs at the quoting stage, the more accurate your quote will be. Outline all of the following when requesting an LTL freight quote:

Special equipment (lift gate services)
Location limitations (limited access, residential, job site, etc.)
Timing constraints (appointment, trade show, etc.)

Jameson Logistics’ customer portal allows businesses to quickly narrow their search and find their ideal price and delivery time. All it takes is a few clicks of a button! Customers with special shipping requirements no longer need to make calls to find a carrier who can handle it. Our customer portal includes selections such as Inside Delivery, Inside Pickup, Hazardous Materials, Residential Delivery, and much more. When you use our customer portal you can even save your addresses, freight classes, and dimensions of frequently shipped items right in your profile. It can’t get much more convenient than that!

If you have any questions or would like to streamline your logistics management give us a call at 800-741-5043. You can also send us an email to For more information on the services we provide, you may check out the other articles on our blog. We look forward to hearing from you.