Machinery & Equipment Shipping


Machinery & Equipment Shipping: There are many factors to consider when shipping equipment and machinery. A lot of research goes into ensuring a successful delivery and a happy customer. Lucky for you, you are in the right place! We will cover everything from packaging to delivery in this helpful how-to shipping guide.

Packaging your machinery & equipment – Machinery and equipment usually bring about more packaging regulations than other items. Some carriers even require all machinery and equipment to be fully crated. If you are the DIY type and would like to make your own crate, this link may be helpful. It is important to make sure your items are packaged properly. If a carrier picks up freight and deems it as unproperly packaged, it may invalidate the Carriers liability for any damage or loss that could happen while in transit. When in doubt, crate your shipment. There is no such thing as protecting your freight too much.

Which mode of transportation is ideal – There are a couple different modes of transportation to consider. LTL shipping is a great solution when smaller cargo needs to be transported. Typically, LTL freight ranges from 1-6 pallets/pieces. Partial truckload is a solution that allows you to move a shipment that is too large to go via LTL yet is too small to pay a full truck load rate. A partial shipment is usually priced by how much of the trailer your shipment takes up. Typically, a partial truckload shipment starts at 12’ and can be rated incrementally up to 30’. Full truckload shipping is the best solution when shipping a higher volume of pieces or large/overlength items when compared to LTL or large partials. For more information on different types of shipments, check out our blog post that is dedicated to just that.

How to get the best rate possible – When getting a quote for your shipment you must have the total weight (including the packaging), the dimensions of your shipment, and the ship to and from zip codes. It is also important to tell your Jameson Logistics agent what type of locations these are and if you will need any extra services at pick up or at delivery. These are all factors into ensuring the most accurate price. You may also want to consider adding insurance to your shipment.

Insuring your machinery & equipment for transit – Our freight insurance policies can be customized based on your individual needs and we can offer you an affordable policy that will mitigate potentially large financial losses in the event a loss or damage occurs. Our insurance policies are what is known as shippers interest insurance. This means that the full value of your freight is covered no matter what other than an act of God. These policies are extremely reasonably priced and offer peace of mind.

How can Jameson Logistics help me? – Jameson logistics has been providing freight solutions since 1989 – That’s 30 years! We are experts in LTL and full truckload shipping. Machinery and equipment shipping are just some of the areas that we specialize in. Give us a call! (800) 741-5043.