Auto Parts Shipping


Are you getting the rates you deserve?

Shipping auto parts can seem like a daunting task due to the odd shapes and heavy weight of these items. Jameson Logistics can help you simplify the process and get you on the road to success in no time! We will help you determine how to package and prepare your item, what method you should use to ship your item, and how to get the most accurate shipping quote.

How should I package my auto parts for shipping?

The packaging is going to be determined by the shape and size of the part you are shipping. Before you start packaging your item be sure to drain any liquids including water to avoid damage or any additional charges. Once your item is drained you will want to either palletize or crate your item. Palletizing engines and transmissions is sufficient but if you are concerned about scratches or dings you will want to fully crate and enclose your item. For body panels, like car doors and hoods, see if your local body shop has any boxes to fit. Otherwise, start by padding corners and edges, and then protect the surfaces by securely wrapping in cardboard or a padded blanket. Once your shipment is packaged, you will want to take a photo before pick up to document the items condition.

Which mode of transportation is right for me?

Parcel shipping is the best option when your item is less than 150 lbs and can fit in boxes. When your freight is complicated and heavy (150 lbs or more) LTL or less-than-truckload shipping will most likely be the best method to transport your item. LTL freight is meant for items that are too heavy for parcel shipping or regular courier delivery but too small to take up a full trailer. Jameson Logistics specializes in both LTL and full truckload shipping. We have great relationships with Carriers and can get you the best rate possible.

How do I know I have the most accurate price?

There are a few things you can do to ensure you have the best rate possible. You will want to ensure that the weight you have listed is accurate and includes the weight of the packaging (pallet, crate, or box) as well as the weight of the item you are shipping. Having the correct dimensions is just as important as having the correct weight. When in doubt, call the experts at Jameson Logistics.

How can Jameson Logistics help me?

Jameson logistics has been providing freight solutions since 1989 – That’s 30 years! We are experts in LTL and full truckload shipping. Auto parts shipping is just one of the areas that we specialize in. Give us a call! (800) 741-5043.