TerraSmart’s award winning success with Jameson Logistics


TerraSmart has been utilizing Jameson Logistics for over 9 years to handle project shipments and more. One of the largest TerraSmart projects to date is Turquoise Solar, located in the Reno Technology Park. The completion of that project won them the Utility-Scale Solar Project of the Year 2020 as voted by the Solar Builder readers.

It is a massive, standout project — planned on nearly impossible land for a solar array. Turquoise sits on approximately 180 acres of igneous rock and a ledge at a mountainous base. After numerous other solar installation companies tried and failed to drive piles into the site’s rocky terrain, TerraSmart, known for its proven ability to forge into arduous soils with its proprietary ground screw foundation, was hired. They were chosen for the project because of their turnkey solar services that helped to expedite the project’s construction schedule. Along with getting the job done, this switch saved time and additional costs by eliminating unnecessary clearing and civil work.

Jameson Logistics thrilled to partner with TerraSmart. As a company that helps businesses put customers first, it is no surprise that Jameson Logistics has built a reputation for being very customer centric. Jason Sleighter of TerraSmart says “When I think of Jameson Logistics I think of a great experience. I have received nothing but excellent customer service. Truly, the Jameson Logistics Team is committed to providing TerraSmart with the highest customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Jameson Logistics.”

It can be hard to pick out credible partners from the unreliable, untrustworthy, and too good to be true transportation and vendor services from the many entities that you deal with on a day-to-day basis. We have been fortunate enough to work with many credible companies and customers throughout the years, and we hope and trust that when you think about Jameson Logistics, “credible” is a word that comes to mind!

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