What is LTL Shipping? Less Than Truck Load Explained.


Curious About LTL Shipping? Read on…

LTL Shipping (Less than truckload or less than load) is a great solution when smaller cargo is needed to be transported. In the simplest terms, LTL shipping is when freight that only occupies a section of the whole trailer is transported. This way multiple clients can share space on a single truck and only be responsible for the cost of their portion. This make LTL a cost efficient method for shipping and transportation.

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Jameson Logistics partner with RR Donnelley DLS Worldwide with 1.5 billion dollars in freight spend. This results in competitive rates and the ultimate service in the LTL marketplace.

The Benefits of LTL


LTL results in a lower carbon footprint by dividing space between other shippers on a truck.

Extra options

Full access to expanded services such as inside pickup and delivery, liftgates, non-commercial delivery options.


Increased trackability for your cargo keeping you informed every step of the way.

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