Secrets to E-commerce shipping success.


Jameson Logistics helps Ecommerce companies optimize their order fulfillment.
There are many pro’s and con’s to shopping online. The convenience of being able to get everything you need without leaving your home is one of the obvious pro’s to online shopping. However – shipping costs, delivery times, and the sometimes-difficult return process can have you second guessing your decision to make your purchase. Luckily, these issues can be alleviated with a sound supply chain and fulfillment strategy.

Jameson Logistics has helped many of our customers who own and operate ecommerce businesses such as Karen Brunette with Ener-G Machinery. We asked Karen how she feels about working with Jameson Logistics and how it benefits her as an Ecommerce business, here is what she said: “We buy and sell Industrial metalworking equipment all over the USA. We want to make sure our customer receives their equipment safely and securely and it all starts with the logistics broker you choose to quote and handle the job. Communication is top priority to make sure weights and dimensions are correct and the right truck is sent to pick up and deliver to our Customer. Our machinery ships by common carrier and flatbed trucks. I find that Jameson Logistics is my go-to broker. Jameson Logistics has a tremendous attention to detail, they prepare the quotes and the BOL in a timely fashion and service is always above and beyond. Jameson Logistics keeps in contact with our seller and our customer throughout the shipping process. Out of the many brokers I encounter, Jameson Logistics and their team is set apart from the rest. They coordinate shipments with competitive pricing and leave me feeling confident that my shipment will be picked up and arrive at my customers facility in the condition it left us and in a reasonable time frame. Cheap prices are not always the right choice. Through my many years of experience, Jameson Logistics provides pertinent and exact informative on choosing the best way to get our shipment to its destination in one piece.”

Take it from Karen, Jameson Logistics can support an online retailer to compete in this new retail landscape. Each step of the supply chain has different challenges and requirements. Keeping up with the logistics side of your e-commerce operations is a complex responsibility. Jameson Logistics can not only provide flexibility to scale your seasonal operations, but we also have the operational expertise and industry experience to deploy best practices to improve service levels and reduce costs. We would love to speak with you about your shipping needs and provide solutions for your business.

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