Logistics Blog

Logistics doesn’t run on a 9-5 schedule, and that means one of our employees is always on-call, staying close to the phone and computer to provide prompt, reliable service to our customers. That means we *do* have a bit of experience working from home! We recognize it’s a situation that more and more people in a variety of industries are adjusting to these days, so we thought we’d share 5 tips for working at home.
During the corona virus epidemic, we will be separated but we will also learn to stick together! Our team is well-equipped to access our systems from anywhere.  Whether it be on the road, from home, remotely, or at the home office. Please do not hesitate to call Jameson Logistics with any requests or challenges that you may have. We will be here for you, always!
There has never been a time where your partnership with a 3PL has been more relevant, critical or strategic due to the rising complexities of supply chains. Today more than 80% of all fortune 500 companies partner with a third-party logistics provider for outsourcing their shipments and supply chain services. No matter your size, a 3PL will allow you to take advantage of pooled resources allowing smaller companies the same advantages of larger corporations.
When hiring an employee, it is standard practice to conduct an interview and ensure that they are a great fit for your business. Hiring a logistics broker or provider should be treated the same way. Even though you are not adding them to your payroll, they are still interacting with your customers and fulfilling orders for your business.