Expedited services for transporting emergency, expedited freight shipments from your facility to your customer's dock, non-stop within defined time specifications is another way Jameson Logistics serves our customers. We will have equipment available when and where you have a need and will react with urgency to make certain your expedited, time-sensitive shipment is delivered on time.

Expedited shipments are handled via Team Service, Team Drivers or Relay Service. Team Service is your solution for time-critical, service sensitive truckload or LTL, Less Than Truckload shipments and is used when you have the need to get your expedited shipments delivered at faster than normal transit times. Team service is the recommended mode for those time critical expedited shipments that are either too large or cost prohibitive for air freight service yet still need to move as fast as possible over the road. Team or Relay service should be requested when delivery deadlines are tighter than your normal transit windows. Relay service coordinates driver changes at designated relay points with little or no down time at each exchange point.

Jameson Logistics expedited shipping service is offered 24 hours per day 365 days per year. We have the ability to provide immediate freight service to and from any point in North America. The Jameson Logistics Team understands the importance of expedited, time sensitive critical shipments. Our transportation professionals are dedicated to making sure you get your expedited shipments moved on time with the flexibility to find the best solution for your company's needs. Jameson Logistics will compare prices for you, so you don't have to do the time-consuming research.

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