Jameson Logistics knows that making a change can be challenging. Starting your own transportation brokerage can be complicated and competitive. If you're looking for the independence and opportunity of being an owner, while still having the support, expertise, and financial backing of an established company, you owe it to yourself and your family to consider Jameson Logistics.
We offer you the opportunity to work wherever you wish with unlimited earning potential. Combine your knowledge and experience of the transportation brokerage industry with our transportation management system TMS and "back office" support, and you're on your way to independence and financial security.
Jameson Logistics, a truckload and less than truckload, LTL provider with over 20 years in the transportation industry is seeking transportation broker agents nationwide. We offer a 60/40 split with 60% of the net amount to the transportation broker agent, 25 day carrier pay, weekly settlements to the transportation broker agent on invoiced freight, a state of the art transportation management system TMS, online and load posting services, all promotional materials, and professional office support. Join a winning team today.

Payment of Commissions
Commissions are processed weekly. You can choose to have your commission checks mailed to you every Friday or you can choose direct deposit. With direct deposit your commissions are deposited directly to your bank account and in most cases, depending on your banks policies, are available the same day.
Commissions are paid in the following manner. When Jameson Logistics receives the invoice from the truckload carrier or LTL carrier, along with the bill of ladings, we will audit and review those bills for discrepancies and then bill your customer the same day. Your commissions will be paid to you the following week on Friday. In most cases we do not receive payment from a customer for an average of 28 days from the date we invoice. This means that you are paid before we receive payment from your customer allowing you the privilege of not having to wait for Jameson Logistics to be paid for the shipment in order for you to be paid your commissions.

Fast Carrier Pay
With carrier capacity declining in the marketplace you must have superior carrier retention and a means to establish new, sound carrier relationships. Jameson Logistics pays all carriers in 25 days from receipt of their invoice and also offers quick pay. This establishes your transportation brokerage on a sound foundation with all carrier partners.

Tools for Success
Jameson Logistics Transportation Broker Agents Succeed:

Jameson Logistics offers their transportation broker agents many tools to grow their business from an online transportation management system or TMS including EDI or electronic data interchange, customer databases, contact management software, Prophesy mileage software, online load posting and truck searching services, revenue and lane analysis and promotional materials to name just a few. Jameson Logistics will always have an open door policy to your ideas as to how we can help you succeed. We encourage your input as a transportation broker agent for Jameson Logistics.

In order to ensure that your business is successful and gets off to a good start, Jameson Logistics offers training in our state of the art, online transportation management system or TMS. A Jameson Logistics representative will spend approximately two days to one week working with you providing comprehensive orientation to our TMS system and procedures ensuring that your business with Jameson Logistics gets off to a running start. We don't leave anything to chance.

Your business will be on-line.
All Agents log into our transportation management system or TMS via the Internet. The advantages are dynamic and greatly increase your productivity, customer retention, carrier availability and more.

Promotional Materials
Jameson Logistics promotional materials are second to none. We will provide you with business cards, letter head, sales brochures, mailing material and also put together a sales package in pdf form tailored to your business that you can email to prospective customers.

Mileage and Routing Software
All Jameson Logistics transportation broker agents have access to state of the art mileage software that is recognized by major shippers and manufacturers in the US, Canada and Mexico. Our mileage software allows you to route from point to point giving you accurate practical and or shortest mileage between each point and the final destination. It can also calculate the mileage from one origin to many final destinations with one input. These are just some of the advantages of our mileage software.

There are many reports available through our transportation management system or TMS online. These reports help you manage your business. Some of the reports available to you are Customer Lane History, Carrier Lane History, Carrier Inquiry by State, Customer Inquiry by State, Customer Open Account Inquiry, Customer Paid Account Inquiry, Accounts Receivable Transaction Inquiry so that you can see how quickly your customer pays, Sales Percentages and Comparisons against two separate time frames and Gross Sales reports just to name a few.

Keep Your Customer Satisfied
Services and tools that keep the customer happy is what customer retention is all about. When you become an Agent for Jameson Logistics you will have these tools and services at your disposal giving you a distinct advantage over your competition.

A Transportation Management System or TMS Second to None
Your customers want answers and results. With our professional transportation management system or TMS, you can give the customer what they're looking for. This will instill confidence from your customer and confidence in your abilities to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.

Most large manufacturers require Electronic Data Interchange capabilities from their transportation broker and truckload carrier and less than truckload LTL partners. EDI helps your customer streamline their logistics processes. Jameson Logistics offers you the opportunity to present EDI and transportation management systems or TMS capabilities to your current customer base and prospective customer base. Just another step up on the competition allowing you to secure larger accounts to help you produce revenues far above average.

What's required?
It's easy to get started as a Jameson Logistics transportation broker agent. You needů
  • An office (Home or Business
  • Computer
  • Fax Machine
  • Copier/Printer
  • Internet access via DSL or Cable

Contact Bryan Jameson by email bryanj@jamesonlogistics.com or call 800-741-5043 to find out how you can become a Jameson Logistics agent today.